Saturday, 16 July 2011

12. Thursday 14th July 2011

Ghyll Cottage (photo by Ruth Spencer)
While everyone has been slaving away on the hillside, work has also been progressing at Ghyll Cottage.

The students have spent one or two days there, one or two at a time, in order to learn about the intricacies of post excavation work, and with Ruth (senior) on hand in case any problems should arise.
To date, they have been kept busy investigating the soil samples for hammer scale and for charcoal. Chantelle and Emerald have inked up their plans; Peter has been cataloguing and recording his cache of snails; Emerald has been drawing the quern and always there are finds to be washed and recorded - not so many bones this year, but a fair amount of clinker has appeared.
The students appear to enjoy their time at the cottage, probably greatly helped by having the luxury of the bathroom and the regular cups of coffee, (drunk while working!) Not to mention the delicious smells which emanate from the kitchen, when Rebecca is cooking.  (Also the opportunity for the occasional sampling of these as well......!)
This last 2 days have been quiet with no students, but it was not lonely as Don was there slowly recuperating. I am pleased to say he looks better all the time – just wanted a rest really!
 It is good to be on top of the finds.........
Ruth (senior)