Tuesday, 12 July 2011

6. Friday 8th July 2011

Again rain showers mixed with baking sun, but work continued of course under the shelter of the polytunnel.
There were lots of little finds – nothing much more than little scraps of bone and clinker, but enough to keep the Finds Team busy all day.

Chantelle and others moving thin layer of stones (photo by J. Lunnon) 

A chain of diggers lifted a layer of stones from the trench under the poly tunnel and carried them in buckets to the stone heap, hoping to reveal traces of a structure underneath which would  match up with the features outside. They then set to work cleaning up the new context.

Roger, Pete and Don lift the flagstone in Context 19 (photo by J. Lunnon)

Meanwhile a large flagstone was lifted outside the polytunnel and diggers were given the task of clearing off the soil from there too.

Jane Lunnon