Monday, 25 July 2011

16. Wednesday 20th July 2011

Nearing the end  photo © Pat Carroll

Approaching the end of this year’s dig the emphasis today was on planning and a final clean up. In addition to the work on the main site all the students had the opportunity to carry out some geophysical work.

A complex and detailed plan nears completion   photo © Pat Carroll

The morning had begun cloudy but fine, however by early afternoon the rain started and the midges arrived en-mass. The debate raged as to which was the lesser of two evils, trying to persist with cleaning up in the rain or planning in the poly-tunnel and being eaten alive by the sheltering midges.

An attempt to escape the midges  photo © Pat Carroll

The rain became heavier and a valiant attempt was made to carry on working despite the conditions.

Extreme Archaeology?  photo © Pat Carroll

However by the afternoon break it was decided that the rain was not going to stop and the midges had become too voracious to bear so an early halt was called.

Work has ceased for the day © Pat Carroll
Pat Carroll