Tuesday, 12 July 2011

4. Wednesday 6th July 2011

On my first day with the Finds Management Team I arrived to find the polytunnel waiting on-site – an ominous warning of the weather to come. And we certainly had "weather" – everything from hot sunshine to hail showers.

The number of finds remained relatively small, although Debbie did discover a nice beehive quern stone at the very edge of the trench. As so often, it was deliberately (probably) damaged so it could not be re-used – in this case, by a section of the base having been removed.
Don supervising the workers (Photo by J. Lunnon)

While most of the diggers enjoyed the sweaty shelter of the polytunnel, hardy veterans Hugh and Phil were set to work through the drizzle and rain, on tidying up the older parts of the trench outside the tunnel.
Finds Team   (Photo by J. Lunnon)

Jane Lunnon