Wednesday, 20 July 2011

13. Sunday 17th July 2011

This morning was very wet indeed - a cats-and-dogs, coming-down-in-sheets, throwing-it-down morning.  After hurriedly erecting the tunnel over the dig area everyone retreated to tents to wait for the skies to clear a little and (optimistically) for the ground to dry out a little too.  Roger took the opportunity to gather the undergraduates in the big tent for a session on the project report they need to write for their course.  Eventually, towards late morning, the rain slackened off and work got under way.
As we enter the last week thoughts turn to recording, so some of us set to work on the scale drawings of this year's dig area.
Ruth, Amber and Peter with drawing board (photo by Vera Brearey)
The remaining diggers set about cleaning the latest layer, ready for photography.  This layer extended beneath the paving stones found on earlier digs, so all eyes were on the lookout for evidence of cobbles or other relevant features for evidence of an earlier structure.
Cleaning after the rain for photography (photo by Vera Brearey)
Vera Brearey.