Tuesday, 12 July 2011

9. Monday 11th July 2011

 Chris Bonsall replaced Helen Steele to join Jane on the Finds Management Team.
Rebecca & Chris discuss a find with Roger
(photo by J. Lunnon)
The cover was taken off the polytunnel to give the trench an opportunity to dry out a little. Several small stones were removed across the lower part of the trench to see if that elusive structure could be revealed. Digging continued steadily as the soil was scraped away and more small pieces of bone were collected and logged.

Don taught Chantelle and Emerald the fine art of surveying with the alidade.
Taking shelter from a shower (photo by J. Lunnon)
Rain interrupted play briefly.

At the end of the day Roger promised that the best of the dig was still to come, hinting that more dramatic changes to the trench were planned for tomorrow?

Jane Lunnon