Thursday, 21 July 2011

15. Tuesday 19th July 2011

With almost everyone now deployed on recording the site there were very few finds to occupy the Finds Team.  Pat and Phil therefore busied themselves reconciling the find locations plotted by our Total Station with the manual records taken by various Finds Team members over the past two weeks.  With over 500 finds this was no quick job.
Phil and Pat number-crunching (photo by Vera Brearey)
Some of the recording took place in the polytunnel.
Amber & Emerald make scale drawings in the tunnel
(photo by Vera Brearey)
But some recording was taking place outside the tunnel, and sometimes it rained.  The drawing paper is waterproof, but how about the humans?
Rebecca & Helena recording in the rain
(photo by Vera Brearey)
 Vera Brearey